Men love technology, at least most of us do. We worship our smartphones, laptops, music systems and every other piece of tech we own. We can never really get enough of latest technologies and there are times when we have the urge of getting some really cool, fun gadgets. By cool gadgets, we don’t mean the most advanced phone, TV or any other usual devices. We mean the devices that are fun to use and that bring a cool quotient to our otherwise geeky lives.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality is really cool and everyone wants some taste of the futuristic technology. Presently, there are a number of great VR headsets available in the market. While the premium VR headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Razer OSVR, Microsoft Hololens etc.. are supposed to hit the market next year, there are a few devices that you can buy to get started with virtual reality. You can get Samsung’s Gear VR, which is powered by Oculus and priced affordably at around $99. There’s also Google’s Cardboard, which is good enough to get a taste of virtual reality.

Consumer Drones

Drones are a market waiting to boom, as they can be useful in numerous situations. Be it delivering stuff, photography, sports or just fun, drones can be the perfect gadget for that. We have some very cool consumer drones available on the market including the likes of DJI Phantom 3, Chrome Camera Drone, 3D Robotics Solo and more. Most of these drones either cost $1000 or north of that, so you need to lighten your wallet a lot to get hands on one of these.


There are a lot of cool hoverboard projects in the works but not a lot of them are on sale yet. Well, at least some are and they are pretty good. The likes of PhunkeeDuck, Razor Hovertrax etc.. are some pretty cool examples of hoverboards. While they aren’t near to a hoverboard exactly but they are some cool personal transportation vehicles. Razor’s offering is a self-balancing hoverboard like ride, which lets you move & glide seamlessly and even spin 360 degrees. PhunkeeDuck’s name might seem a little fishy but it’s another hoverboard like offering that’s very popular among celebrities as well. Like Hovertrax, it can be controlled via easy body movements. We would be lying if we said we didn’t want one of these and we are pretty sure you want one too.

Music Pillows

Music Pillows are one of the things we have always wanted and the good news is they are available. These are pillows with built-in speakers. You can connect your music player or any other device to your pillow and play your favourite tracks to get a soothing sleep. These music pillows start at around $10. Then, there’s also a Sound Pillow Sleep System, which integrates a stereo speaker in the pillow and brings its own music player, which consists of 18 one-hour relaxing tracks, nature sounds blended with binaural music and more.

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